Friday, February 1, 2008

It's all about the Deer!

Out for the morning walk after a skiff of snow overnight. The roads were icy underneath - I slipped and fell on my behind at the top of our driveway! We didn't have the dogs with us, so most of the walk was on the road but we only saw 1 vehicle the whole walk! So quiet, we wondered if we missed something in the news - felt like we were the only people around. Heard a dog bark twice and a couple of jets went over really high - so, it was us and the deer - which were out in herds. This little group of 5 posed for me. I saw them and realized that I hadn't posted any photos of our resident deer population except the first post, so decided to play "visitor" and document them. Living here, I've become accustomed to seeing them. I can't allow myself to take all this beauty for granted!
Farther along on the walk, we came upon a rather large herd. Joyce counted 19 all together.
We cut off the road and headed cross country to join up with the trail that runs along the bottom of our property. Most of it is on BLM land, but there is an easement across our land since we own over the canyon wall. This photo is looking across the Deschutes River canyon. The walls were so colorful in the early morning light.
I don't think I posted this photo before - I'm on a deer kick today. Abby and her friend. We taught her right away not to chase the deer and they are quite comfortable around her now.
Joyce's niece, Brittany, was visiting from back east last summer and after Abby got the message across to the deer that we were a friendly bunch, Brit took her time getting closer and closer, talking to the doe until she was able to stroke her back. Pretty amazing. The deer here are used to people, but usually not this calm. Brit wants to be a vet - I think she's on her way.
And now, what you've been waiting for.........
"I think we need not only to eliminate the tollbooth from the middle class, I think we should knock down the tollbooth."
The New York Times (as quoted by Gail Collins), February 1, 2000

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