Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's all about the dogs!

Here are the long awaited photos of the dogs playing on our walk - more likely, it is Bentley - the beagle - playing with Abby, who tolerates it pretty well. Abby is 8 and Bentley is 4 months - guess who has the most energy!
Bentley likes to hang from Abby's lower lip............
We're on our way back home, so things have calmed down somewhat. When we take the dogs with us, we travel on the trails so they don't have to be leashed - they stick pretty close to us. The rest of today's blog is going to look a lot like a cooking show. But we're cooking dog food. Abby is allergic to so many things in commercial dog food that we decided to start making it. Went to the butcher shop yesterday (Redmond Smokehouse - great place) and got turkey legs, cooked them up (leftover is for soup stock), cooked 3 cups of brown rice (equals 6 cups cooked), along with 1 pound of beef liver.Added some cooked veggies - dogs like their veggies, even the green stuff . Also ground up some vitamins, nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds in the blender and added some cooked pastaGood enough to eat! Kinda like table scraps, but don't tell Abby!
Packaged it up for the freezer and voila! we have dog food - the healthy kind And, now that the cooking show is over - here is the BUSHISM for today:
"The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and his willingness to terrorize himself."
Grand Rapids, Michigan, January 29, 2003

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