Friday, February 8, 2008


OK, I'm not going to get all preachy here, so don't fret. But, I found an interesting quiz that will show you which candidate aligns most closely with your views on the issues. If interested, go to:
and try it out. You may be surprised - I was (but I'm not changing my vote.....)
This link is slightly different:
Both have links to documentation of the candidate's views.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and Dean-I'm delighted that I can keep up with your many adventures here on your blog. Sue that photo of Three Fingered Jack is gorgeous and Dean you look great in that dune buggy shot. You're more active at 70 than most people who are 20 years younger than you. That may just well be the key of course. I'm cruising up on 57 in a few months and I really need to take a leaf from your book. Both of you keep up the good work!