Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Update (Thanks, SNL...)

Lori Ann and Dimitri came to visit this weekend - and a fun time was had by all - as usual. We met them in downtown Terrebonne and traveled into the BIG city for a nice lunch at Deschutes.Came home and sat around talking for hours. Had a "wee" bite to eat, then went to the "hole" (formally known as the Sandbagger) for the standard ranch entertainment - karaoke! The highlight of the whole evening was when 4 guys got up and did a SUPERB "Seven Bridges Road". Amazing! It gave me goose bumps. Judy was there - our favorite - and Maka was serving up her usual. A great evening!
This morning, we got up, had breakfast and the 4 (er, 5, counting Abby...) took off on a morning walk. Went the long way - down along the river trail below our place. Here, Lori Ann and Dimitri take a break with Abby. This is below our place.
Interesting stratification - red rock below, then river rock and ash, and nice rock walls above. I'm not a geologist (duh!) but this sure shows eons of time.
More of the same........
This was the very first wildflower I have seen this year, so I HAD to take a picture of it. Spring is on it's way!
Coming up the steep part - lots of scrambling amongst the rocks. And, BTW, we saw more of the "cat" tracks and have come to the conclusion that they are Cougar (Mountain Lion) tracks - way too big for bobcat. We have heard that a pair of Cougar have been spotted crossing the North Pasture here on the ranch which is not too far from us. Well, we know where they have been hanging out lately! The BIG climb out.
This is the flat that we came up from the river trail to the main trail. It's sure pretty down there. And wild!When we got back to the house, this is where we headed. Nice and sunny and warm on the deck. I think Dean is taking a nap while Dimitri catches up on the brew news.
Well, D and LA are now off to Bend and a snowshoeing adventure this evening under the almost full moon. Followed by a night at Mc Menamins St Francis, and a soak in the famous Turkish soaking tub. It was great having them come to visit again and we look forward to the next time. Dimitri is coming over while poor LA goes to Paris for Spring Break..... They both love it over here, so we are looking forward to them making it more permanent.

In honor of their "mixed marriage" (Greek and Irish) today the BUSHISM will be replaced by a couple of quotes:

"He was a wise man who invented beer."
Plato (Greek philosopher) 428- 347 BC

"Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat."
Alex Levine

Thanks for visiting - come back soon! XOXO

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