Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Report

We made a quick trip to Vancouver to deliver Denise's car since she came back from school in Chicago with her M Div and is headed to an appointment in Seattle for a few months. There was a break in the weather and the road over the pass was snow free - thank goodness because we didn't want to have to use chains.
We did our IKEA shopping trip - crowded, but always interesting. What a place for people watching, but what's up with all the people going to WRONG way - can't they see the arrows on the floor? We usually hurry through the kid's area, but what wonderful things there are for them now - so colorful!
We were blessed with the opportunity to stay with Gordy and Faye and had some good conversation and lots of laughs. We look forward to attending Annual Conference in June with them in Moscow (Idaho - and "there is no 'cow' in Moscow.......). Should be an interesting conference.
We were able to hear Denise preach on Sunday morning at church - she did a fantastic job, of course, and we overheard many good comments. So good to see everyone in our church family.
We also had some time with my sister who looks pretty good for someone with no hair and foreign things attached to her body - like a feeding tube and a place to administer the chemo. She begins her 7 weeks of radiation (and more chemo, too) on her birthday of all days - February 20th. Everyone please keep her in your prayers. And my aunt is doing quite well for 90 years of age. She has a few issues, but who wouldn't at her age?
The trip back home was uneventful and Abby was certainly glad to see us. We got a good night sleep and got up this morning for our respective walks. Joyce and I did a cross country thing and came upon a grave marker - ashes? - for Earl who died in 1987 at the age of 24. We never know what we're going to find on our walks! We saw a large herd of deer, but I didn't take my camera again! I gotta be prepared. Sorry, Sam, no photos today!

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Denise M said...

glad to have you come and visit this weekend--too short but nice to see you. Denise McGuiness