Saturday, February 2, 2008

Today it's about the eagles

The morning walk was very cold. It snowed a little again last night, but the wind was blowing and made it feel like 20º. Abby went with us, even though we took the same route as yesterday - partly on the road. She was good, though, and sat by my side whenever a car passed - I think there were 3 or 4.........We cut off the road cross country to catch the trail again and were met by Bill and Bentley and the EAGLES. And this was the day I didn't bring the camera! I could have posted an image and wrote: "see that black speck - that's an eagle". There was a pair of Bald Eagles and several Goldens. The most I have seen at one time around here. They were amazing!

We had been concerned about Gary and Teresa (Gary is a long haul truck driver) driving in this weather, but got an email from them and they are fine - though they had to drive the Siskiyous in the mess. Gary's back is acting up - just like his Dad's - so he's taking a few days off to rest it.

Back to last spring - Dean is working in the "before" photo of the SW corner of the house. The "dirt" (no soil around here is really dirt) was sloughing off around the deck support posts a little, so he wanted to build a retaining wall to stabilize it.
And the "after" shot - nice job, huh? Bill had a Bobcat and was digging holes for fence posts, so he helped us fill behind the retaining wall with "dirt" from our septic test holes down below. Not long after I took the above photo, the Bobcat slipped on the slope and the bucket came down and took out part of the wall. Photo below is Joyce helping to dig it out. Within a short time, though, it was all put back together. The next photo is for Dean's brother, Larry - he complains that I put too many cold weather photos in here, so this ought to bring back warm memories. We have quite a patch of cactus that provides us with a more colorful landscape in the SUMMER
And now - drum roll..........
"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on."
2001 Gridiron dinner


Denise said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog, Aunt Sue and Uncle Dean. I miss you guys A LOT!! The Neecer

Sam said...

My God it's just gorgeous at your place! How wonderful it must be to be able to go for a walk and see the wildlife on your property and the surrounding area. Deer who tolerate the presence of both people and dogs, that just amazes me. Eagles too? You folks have it made.