Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back to the building process (we're almost done!)

Look - a cooktop in the island, an oven and a microwave! Kitchen is happening!
Much later - New Year's Eve 2006 - Janet in the finished kitchen - readying for the BIG party! Had a few friends and neighbors over for soup and bread - Kansas style New Year's Eve - we were all in bed before midnight! Back to house stuff - Jim is helping Dean put in a walkway and bridge over the "stream" - which is the drainage for the rain chain at the corner of the house by the garage. Now it is rocked and looks much better.
Starting the garden indoors. The garden was a bit sparse this first year - gets bigger and better each year, though.
This is a photo of our baby eagles. We discovered the nest in about February before they were hatched and watched it regularly for sign of babies. One hatched, then the other a few days later. The nest was across the canyon and down from our place a couple of lots where the houses aren't as close to the river. Here you can see mom (or maybe it's dad - hard to tell with the Goldens) feeding the babies. The darker one, on the right, was the first born. We named them Junior and Missy. Eventually, only Junior survived. It is common for one to not make it - either because there was not enough food for both, or the bigger one killing the smaller. We prefer to think it was the former...........
This is the shed that Jim and Janet helped build the year after we bought the property in 1997. We had fixed it up pretty nice - it had a futon, kitchen (Coleman stove sitting on Dean's router table), and a porta potty. All the comforts of home. We spent many weekends in our little "bunkhouse". But it was too close to the house and Dean couldn't drive down to the lower part of the property, so he and Bill jacked it up and turned it around one day while Joyce and I had a garage sale. It was quite the entertainment for the shoppers.
For those of you who think that I don't exist, here is proof. Photographers don't like to have their pictures taken, you know. We went out for firewood with neighbors Bill and Joyce. Luckily, we picked a pretty nice fall day for the trip. Just to catch you up on today (Sunday, January 20th of 08) it is still snowing, but has warmed up a bit. Will keep you posted.

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