Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Have I bored you to tears yet?

I need more comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok - here is Dean spraying paint. Lucky for us, the sheet rockers left their scaffolding for a few days, so Dean was able to do the primer before he had to resort to the ladders. We rented a paint sprayer for the inside, and bought Dean a "shoot suit". This is the 20' wall in the great room. Long ways up!
Think of what he would have looked like if he hadn't worn the suit!Time for the septic system. Because of the slope of the property, the amount of hardpan and sand, etc. we had to have a "cap and fill" system. These are the 4 long lines. I took a lot of photos of this, too, in case we need them later - hope not! Putting the tank in place - believe it or not, the guys who delivered it didn't know which end was the "in" and which was the "out" - true story!After the lines and the tank were put in, it was time for fill dirt. It had to be "approved" fill dirt - and it took load after load after load - I lost count!And the next exciting event - the propane tank - this means HOT water in the house! Whoo-hoo! As usual, Dean is making sure the guy does it right........Poor Dean is down to ladders now - Sue does NOT do ladders! The ladder is almost vertical as Dean paints the West wall in the great room.The floor - we had already decided on wood for the great room/dining room/kitchen, but finding real wood in our price range was difficult - I think we both wish we had spent more on it, though. It scratches very easily and a dog in the house does not help. I laid out the wood by size and Dean nailed it in. Sealing the big beam - again, the ladder is almost verticalThe floor is in and some of the kitchen cabinets are in place. Thank you Bill!Well, enough house building for today.

On a more current and much more exciting note, especially for those of you praying for my sister, she got news today that her tumor has shrunk 90%! She was able to have the trach removed - yipee! and has only 1 round of chemo to go before she begins the radiation. Thanks to all of you who have had her on your prayer list. It does work!!!

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