Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow! It's above freezing!

First time we've seen temps even in the 30's for quite a while. It snowed a bit yesterday, but not enough to make a difference. We're working on garden (veggies) design today. Research! My favorite thing. Yesterday, I built 4 bluebird houses with a little help from Dean - showing me how to use tools I hadn't used before, like the drill press. It would be nice to have some more bluebirds around. The birds are coming back now, so we've got to be ready for them. We saw a large eagle this morning on the canyon wall - looking for a nesting place. I hope we have more babies this year.

BUSHISM of the day:
"See, one of the interesting things in the Oval Office -- I love to bring people into the Oval Office -- right around the corner from here -- and say, this is where I office, but I want you to know the office is always bigger than the person." (huh?)
Washington D.C., January 2004

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