Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rhubarb bounty and Dean's woodworking

 A lot of rhubarb left, so wanted to put up what I could - before it goes tough later in the season.  We have 4 plants that we got from Redmond Greenhouse several years ago.  They always produce well, thanks to Doug's recommendations.  2 different varieties - red and green.  And no, not like the TV show!  LOL

When all finished slicing and dicing, this was the bounty.  10 cups for the freezer, about 6 to make sauce, and 4 more that I used to make 2 loaves of bread.  Yum!!  Frozen things can get over the border - I've heard.
I hope!

With 3 people now living in the house, we sometimes wash clean dishes again.  So, frugal me, I made a sign hoping the guys would pay attention.

BUT - Deans didn't think it was fancy enough, so he took some scroll saw therapy yesterday and made a 'C' and a 'D' with magnets on the back.  Problem solved?  Hopefully!

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Alphabettingham said...

I never thought of my initials standing for dirty and clean! When I first saw the photo and hadn't read your post yet, I thought it was all about me!! Neecer