Thursday, July 12, 2012

1st overnite in Canada - Clinton, BC

2 very long days of driving and we're in Clinton, BC for the night.  Small, clean RV park with a bit of internet.  I had been thinking that Canada would be a good place to live - until I saw some prices.  Gas is something like $4.79 a gallon!  Beer?  $14 for a 6 pack!  And I thought $7.99 was high!!  
The weather is still pretty warm up here.  Cache Creek is known as the Arizona of BC.
Large dish and cluster of dishes near Monse, Wa.  They are part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory Very Long Baseline Array.  It is 1 of 10 sites spread across the US to allow astronomers to make detailed studies of celestial objects.  Used simultaneously, the 10 sites function as a single antenna 5,000 miles wide.  They can measure image detail of better than a thousandth of a second of arc, which is equivalent to being able to see a football on the surface of the moon. 

 Not a lot of places to pull over for photos, so taking them out the window.....  Landscape keeps changing.  We took the more direct, but less traveled route yesterday and went through some really beautiful country.
Orchard country - lots and lots of fruit stands alongside the road.

Believe it or not, we're going down the steep Hamilton Hill into Merritt, BC.  Very similar to Cabbage Hill East of Pendleton.  I wanted to get a photo of the Hamilton Hill sign, but.....

Well, time to hit the road.  I may not have a chance to post again for a few days as we'll be boondocking.  Y'all take care now!


Jason and Mindy said...

Very cool, thank you for the update. You guys have made it pretty far into BC already - that's very pretty country...I bet they have great mountain biking :)

How is Abbey doing with the trek, has she said eh yet?

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Alaska looks beautiful and my best friend Viv would be jealous.