Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Garden Update

Peas from the garden!
Went out to pick peas yesterday and had so many I had to fill my pockets, too! Let the shelling commence,

One of my favorite childhood memories is picking and shelling peas with my paternal grandmother.  She had a large garden - at least I thought so at the time, since as a kid, everything seemed huge.  Going back to some of those places as an adult, they weren't so big after all.
After I shelled the peas, I blanched them, drained them well, put them on a cookie sheet to freeze, then into a zip-lok.  Looking forward to some pea and cheese salad like my aunt used to make.  Comfort food!

We're getting ready for the big trip - so much to do.  Looking forward to being on the road so my mind isn't constantly trying to remember all the things that need to be done.  Canada is a foreign country and has a lot of rules and regulations for crossing the border.  The dog food, for instance, must be in an unopened bag.  No fresh veggies or meat (hence freezing the peas...).  Limit of 40 total oz of wine or liquor OR 24 bottles of beer.  Then, crossing the border into Alaska will be another set of rules.  Luckily, Canada has grocery stores.

I'm going to miss seeing my lilies in bloom since they're just starting. 

OK - a bit of weird-ness to end this post.  These moths spent the day in this plant - mating.  All day?

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Jason Ding said...

I introduced Mindy to lettuce, pea and cheese salad and we both love it :)