Friday, August 29, 2008

Schizo Garden

Well, the herbs are doing pretty well. I wish I had thought to take a photo of one the piles of Basil that I have put up. Twice already! I have been known to give it for Christmas gifts, so if you're wanting some, you might want to get your name on the list........ The way I process it, it tastes just like fresh from the garden. Great in soups or............ In the photo below is the Basil after it's last cutting, so I should get one or two more this season. Difficult to see, but also in the photo are Cuban Oregano, Thyme, and Italian Parsley at the bottom. The huge plant on the right is culinary Sage - with regular water. I also have two more plants of the same that have received absolutely NO water (except for the rain, but not much of that since it is planted next to the house) that aren't as large, but are doing quite well. There is also Chives and Cilantro.This is a bumper year for Zucchini. There are about six or seven plants in this bed and it's strange, but the ones on the right aren't producing much, but the others are going crazy. All were planted from the same package of seeds, and at the same time. I can spot one and the next day it's a foot long. So, I froze 5 packages of 4 cups each from the last harvest. And I made some delicious Zucchini Patties last night for dinner - and enough for leftovers tonight. The whole zucs in the photo are in addition to what I froze. And more today!
The remainder of the garden........well, that's another story. On the upper left is the Corn - we might get some - maybe. Lower left are/were the Beets. The cottontail has destroyed it. We have "rabbit" fence, but this must be a little guy - well, maybe no longer, though. That stuff on the upper right is Butternut Squash - but not some that I planted. It is where the compost bin used to be and must be volunteers from the seeds. When they came up, I decided to see what they were and now there are quite a few squash growing, so I'll take them anyway! Lower right are some stunted Peppers that have produced a few.And these are the poor Tomatoes. Our neighbor down the street, Kevin, runs the garden dept at Lowes and said that a lot of people are having problems with tomatoes this year, so I don't feel so bad. Kevin is actually the one who inadvertently got me into blogging, but he has too busy lately - his last blog is from April, I think. We'll see if he reads this :) And here is the bounty from the rest of the garden. WOW! Looks good enough to eat!

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