Monday, September 1, 2008

Movin' to Vegas!

Not really, but I got your attention!
Saturday night, we were down at "the Hole" dealing blackjack for the Lions club fund raiser Casino Night. What a blast! I had sooo much fun and quite got into the whole facade. By the end of the evening, I was giving away "funny money" so people could bid on the auction items that were donated by local businesses and people. Some things were going for $500,000 and up - having been dealing almost all night, I didn't have that kind of money, though, so gave mine away, too. The place was really crowded - we could have had another half dozen tables. They also had craps and texas hold 'em, but most were around the blackjack tables. It was a rare late night for us and I slept in on Sunday, for sure! Sure do wish I had thought to take my camera along for some crowd shots.
Sunday AM, after I finally got up........Dean went up to get the paper while I fixed some, er, brunch, and ran into neighbor, Bill who told him there was a breakfast going on at the fire hall, so we decided to go down there and support the volunteers and I'm glad we did - their feed was a lot better than what I was fixing! Egg, cheese and potato casserole, huge sausages, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, fruit, etc. My, my - just what my body needed - lots of carbs and protein.
Had to cover the tenders in the garden last night as it got down to freezing. There really are some green tomatoes on the plants, so didn't want to lose them, or the zucchini or basil. The rest of the stuff - who cares! As it was, everything came through it just fine.
We're packing up for the next big adventure - Dean and Jim going on a gold expedition down in Southwestern Oregon. Us gals are going to veg out for a few days! Packing up is always such a deal. Dean is cleaning the truck - must not go on the road with a dirty truck! I'm just packing. We're looking forward to a short visit from sister Karen tomorrow on her way to her yearly camping vacation with her long time bff Nora. They go out to Tumalo State Park and have a great time. We're usually at church camp over Labor Day weekend, so miss seeing her. This year, it will be all too brief.
Speaking of church camp, I'm really anxious to hear how the synchro swimming "talent" was............... I sure did miss being there with y'all!

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