Thursday, August 7, 2008


Alphabet challenge from Neecer
Birds and Bees enjoy our yard
Camping is something I REALLY enjoy! (Sorry, Lori.....)
Deschutes River is right out my back door - kind of.......
Early in the morning is something I rarely do
Food, good food
Government is pretty scary right now
Hebrew Bible - my favorite NHTS class - who’d have thought!
IKAR - heard about it on NPR (Speaking of Faith) - check it out, I want to go!
Juniper trees
Kennedy - I was in my dorm room when I heard it on the radio and I cried
Lists - I have to depend on them more and more......
Mac is the only way to go, especially if you don’t want a virus
Notes - I am a big time note-taker
Orzo is a fun ingredient
Prayer flags and a Peace banner are in my room
Quotes - I collect them
Rocking chairs are addictive
Six Feet Under was a GREAT TV series and I miss it!
Underoos - who thought of that?
Veggies are something I could eat for a whole meal
Whitehaven II cabin project
Xray is something I experienced several times within the past month
Y don’t you try this - it’s fun!
Zucchini - I grow it, I eat it, I like it


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the ABC's blog idea - absolutely brilliant -ha.
Did you remember Mom's birthday?? What is an underoo? Why so many x-rays? Love you AS and UD! DAC

High Desert Living said...

underoo - kid's underwear - do they make them any more? don't ask me why I knew that....maybe from my days (only days.....) in the infant and children's dept at Meier and Frank? I was a sub, so floated - they didn't fire me because I didn't know an underoo from a crib.
X-rays? Had a bum hip, went to the Dr and they x-ray'd, had a bum knee and the same. In not so many words, the Doc says I'm wearing out!!!