Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What We Did On Our First Summer Vacation

My, oh, my! Has it been a long time, or what!
Well, I have a BUNCH of catching up to do, don't I?
The last time I blogged, we were going to be taking off for Moscow. This is a photos from the trip up - the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse region in Washington. Beautiful at this (or any!) time of year. Some of the fields has been cut, but most not. It was a nice and uneventful trip up.
We connected with friends, Gordy and Faye, and got set up in the "RV park" (ing area....). It was a gravel area next to the road going in to the real parking area at the Kibbie Dome at the U of Idaho. They stuck us waaayyyy out in the hinterlands. But it was a nice (long) walk back and forth to sessions 2 or 3 times a day. The biggest reason I was there was to represent NHTS at the ministry fair. There were 60 - 70 tables set up for everything from individual churches, to an orphanage mission in Africa, to Reconciling Ministries. Lots to see.
Conference was good - legislative and informational sessions, worship services, honoring retirees, and saying goodbye to the Bishop who is moving on - and up - in the organization. He will be missed - what a great guy.
After closing session on Friday, we headed out for Wallowa Lake. Gordy and Faye went to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho to watch their son participate in the Iron Man. The road from Clarkston south - the ONLY road without going 100-200 miles out of your way - wasn't exactly designed for RV travel!! Miles and miles of switchbacks up 1500' in elevation, then down, then up..... you get the idea. Because we weren't making very good time, we decided to stop for the night rather than go all the way. There was a quaint little state park on one of the upper elevations, so we stopped there. The campground host told me about a nice trail to Puffer Butte, so the next morning, Abby and I took a "little" walk. Very nice trail. Here is an animal habitat tree that I came across.
At the top, you could see forever! The photos below actually make a panorama - try and use your imagination........
The area gets a lot of snow - the trails are marked for cross country skiing. The hosts said they had to shovel out their campsite just a few weeks previous. This is a Forest Service shelter, complete with a wood burning stove and lots of firewood.
Going down the other side, I was able to take a photo showing a little bit how the road was. Dean said there were corners that you could read your own license plate.
When we got to Wallowa Lake, we worked on building a cabin for our retired minister. Rather than double post all the photos, you can here to see what we did. The reason that I hadn't updated this blog is because it took me over a week to put together that blog! It was fun, though. I hope people leep checking it because I hope to have more photos, and we are planning on going back this summer to do some more work.

Before we left for Moscow and Wallowa Lake, Jim and Janet came over for a week of R & R. We appreciate them coming because it keeps us from overextending ourselves (and our bodies....) like we usually do. The R & R is for us! We did finish up the garden and watering system while they were here, though.
Jim knows that I am not much on desserts and he had a sweet tooth, so - he baked a cake! Luckily, I had all the ingredients on hand.
Janet had to help, of course.Well, Dean helped, too - cleaning the beaters!Janet is helping again........The finished product - was VERY yummy!!!!!!Janet got to see the full row of irises in bloom. They were gorgeous this year. This is a volunteer in the back by the garden. Does anyone have any idea what it is?
These are some of the cactus in back, just beginning to bloom.
These are in front - some of the ones we brought back from Nevada last year.Remember this plant from the June 2nd post? (I would link to it, but I haven't learned how to link to my own post, yet....)

We have been having off and on smoke from the fires in N. California. This was one of the bad days when we could small it, too. Our mountains are gone! The smoke was actually worse than when they had the fires up by Sisters.And this is what Dean has been doing. He has been trying to get out there in the morning before it gets too hot. Bill had been bringing pickup loads of firewood back from along the road on his job in the valley, and we had to get it cut and stacked. There is now quite a bit of wood for this winter. We still want to get out and get more so we can keep a year ahead. Only problem is - where to put it!So, that kinda catches us up. Jim and Janet are coming this weekend for the big fishing trip to the high lakes - now that we can get to them. They sure were late becoming accessible this year! I will try to post again before we go, but if not, you can look forward (?) to lots of photos when we return. Special thanks to Nora and Neecer for giving me kudos, and to Em for the love! I shall return! Again!


Becki said...

Finally! I knew you would post one of these days! The pics on the drive up to Wallowa are of my old stomping grounds. Lots of time on those roads with my Daddy-o! A great reminder of amazing memories. I learned to do some driving on those switchbacks! You know I check daily for updates... just don't comment. You energies are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! Hi Dean!

I believe the red flower in the photo is a double poppy. The seed heads and leaves are definitely poppy, as are the leaves. I had an unexpected double pink one last year. They are very pretty. I had not seen a double poppy before then.

I love reading your blog, though I must admit it's been a month since I last logged on. I go back through all of them. I will make sure I say hi when I read from now on.

Big Big hugs to you both.

You look pretty buff there with the wood pile Dean.

Oh yeah, I think that road you were on is called the Rattlesnake grade.

I am jealous of your garden. We are still cold at night. I have 1 flower on my tomatoes so far!

Love to you,