Monday, June 16, 2008


Yes, folks, due to lack of reader(s), the blog will be not updated for the next week or 2.
Actually, though, we will be out of town - first to the Pacific Northwest District Annual Conference for our church in Moscow (Id) and then to Wallowa Lake where we'll be helping to construct a cabin for our retiring pastor. We look forward to being away because we can catch up on a little reading, kayaking, fishing (Dean), and general loafing. Our garden is just now coming along nicely, though, so that part will be difficult.
Be on the lookout for photos and trip details when we return, however.
Y'all enjoy the weather, K?
Till we meet again...............


Anonymous said...

Sue, you do a beautiful job with your blog. I particularly love all the photos. I check in every once in awhile since Karen gave me the URL. You inspire me to create something like this, but I would be frustrated just as you are if no one ever commented. The BOB photos are beautiful. You keep doing what you're doing. Maybe your family and friends need a bit of a cattle prod to get them to participate. :)

--Nora Lisius

Neecer said...

Hello Aunt Sue and Uncle Dean. I've decided that even though people don't comment or email me about my blog, that they are looking at it... Maybe I'm just fooling myself, but it won't be the first time! Anyway, I think you've been on HIATUS far too long now and it's time for some details of your latest journey before you set out on another one with my parental unit? Please give us a word or two ASAP, or we'll think hiatus means you hate-us. Neecer