Friday, April 18, 2008

Catching up

I couldn't upload my photos the last few days, so this is several days of catching up...........
I have new friends on the morning walk. We walked a little further the other day and these guys (girls?) came loping up to the fence to greet us. Such sweet faces. It's been "cool" and "breezy" the past few days, so quite brisk for our walk. Still doing 4+ miles every morning except Sunday - our day of rest!
These dainty flowers look like someone has scattered the hillside with toilet paper, so we call them TP flowers, but they are really called Sand Lily, Star Lily, Mountain Lily, or Star of Bethlehem - take your pick. Here is a closer shot of them.
Dean rented a neat little machine over the weekend to drill holes for the fence posts. It's kind of like a huge rototiller with an auger on the front. A lot easier to use than a Bobcat. It doesn't do as well on the hardpan, though, so will have to cement in a few of the holes. Here, Bill is keeping a close watch on Dean......... It's difficult for Dean to see in the front where the auger is going, so Bill guided Dean as to where to dig.
Larry came out on his bike (the motor kind...) and arrived just in time to help Dean with "a little problem" (you'll have to ask Dean about that - I'm not tattling) and also help load the monster (now it becomes big, instead of a neat little machine - probably weighs close to a ton?)
Sorry, Larry, I couldn't afford that new lens, but Photoshop has an X just for you!
We've been acting as doggie day care this week since Joyce's Dad, Poppy, has been in the hospital all week. They're not sure what the problem really is at this point, but he was passing a lot of blood. Exploratory surgery and Cat scan revealed nothing. Bill and Joyce, needless to say, have been spending most of their time at the hospital and we have been watching Bentley. Dean and I were out setting some of the poles the other day and the dogs were playing pretty hard, so everyone was pretty pooped out.
Bentley has become pretty comfortable here.
Life goes on here at the ranch. Dean is gone for a few days, so I'm trying to get some things done. The garden isn't ready to plant yet - no fence to keep the little dear deers out - so I am planting a few things in pots that can be planted before the last frost. We have a fiarly short growing season, so gotta be careful reading packages. I am really anxious to have the fence in so I can plant some color out front. It seems like the deer really enjoy munching on colorful things!

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