Thursday, December 6, 2007

So - to really begin.......

We spent a weekend doing some clearing on the property - this is the pile that the fire department came and mulched.
Janet and I spent a few nights under the stars - Dean greeted us with a fresh cup of coffee.

These are photos of the foundation - styrofoam which will be filled with cement.

This is how they looked when delivered
There is the tent trailer in the background - Home Sweet Home!
Contractors laid out the ICF's - Integrated Concrete Forms
Then, Dean and Jim built the "pony walls" for the "basement" and then put in the sub floor. If we had known how deep it was going to be, we would have put in a REAL basement.........

Then one of those nice rains came through But, the next day.................... Breakfast in the future great room

These are the storage sheds we rented which held all of our belongings while we were building. It was nice to have them right on the property - but we couldn't get to much of our "stuff". Good thing we had a guard on duty!
Here is the truck delivering our walls. To be continued................

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