Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Coming Along Nicely........

Well, the weather cleared up a little so we can proceed. We rented a crane for a week to get the beams in place and "fly" the roof panels. This is the beam in the great room being placed.This is how it looked from below - to the west. You can see the beam sticking out in the highest part above the 2 windows.
The roof panels are being assembled in the garage-to-be. From left to right is Bill, Dean, contractor Ray-Ray and Jim. They are putting 3 panels together - 2 x 6's between and headers and footers. All blue glued and blue screwed together.
Then the put-together panels are "flown" to a pile, waiting for all to be completed.
Then, each completed panel group is "flown" to it's place as the roof. Here, Dean is "guiding"

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