Friday, July 17, 2009

Too Blankin' Hot to Post

106º here yesterday and supposed to be about the same today. A bit too much for me - Lori, I'm glad you 2 missed it! Our house is super insulated and I usually brag about how cool it stays on the hot days, but it got up to 76º inside yesterday - which isn't really hot, but...... Then it didn't cool down much over night, so only have it down to 70º this morning. It's the in and out all day that warms it up - hope to keep that to a minimum today. Did the watering already this morning, poor garden!

Yesterday, our neighbor's car wouldn't start, so he came to get Dean to help. It was really corroded battery terminals - the guys cleaned them, but it had been too long. He ended up having to get a new battery and everything was fixed. He came over with a check for $50 - Dean wouldn't take it, said that's what neighbors do for each other, but he insisted. Guess he's not used to having neighborly neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

Yes That High Desert Living!!?? But I'll bet it is a dry heat!! Love Gordy & Faye