Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goings on in these parts......

We headed down to Bend last weekend for Deschutes Brewery's annual open house - tours and tastes and new brews. Shannon and Dean are waiting for a pour of Twilight Ale.
Good stuff! We ended up getting our growler filled with Red Chair, though, always one of our favorites. All time fav is the Hop Trip which is brewed in the fall with fresh hops. Amazing stuff and only available at the pub.

We have yet to see any fawns around our place, but this herd came through the other morning for breakfast. We have had several really good sized bucks, traveling together usually since the does kick them out around birthing time. This was one of the first time we've seen both together again - maybe these doe didn't have babies this year.Dean and Shannon have been getting things done around the place. Mostly working on the "guest house" but one trip into the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Dean couldn't pass up this set of kitchen cabinets for his shop. They are super heavy duty with thick drawer bottoms and metal sides. They went for sheet rock, but had to take another trip into town because they didn't have room for what they went for in the first place! His shop is looking good - now if he could just find some spare time to go play.
The "guest house" is coming along!
The kid is taking it easy after spending a long, hot day working for some friends of ours who are getting ready for their son's wedding at their home here on the ranch. Note the nice sunburn.

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Loved the beard Dean!! Gordy