Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's all About Obama!

So, we got our tickets yesterday - left this morning at 7:45AM - probably a bit too late (my fault - Dean wanted to leave at 7:30....) got to the location around 8:45 and stood in line for an hour and a half before we got to the door. Now, the tickets said no bags, no signs, but did NOT say no water bottles, but my new expensive ($4.) one was not allowed, so I left it outside (and it was there when we got out :)) Went through security check - like at the airport - and headed in to find a seat. Some guy called us over and put a little star on our collar and told us we would be sitting behind the podium. Say what?????? We went in the gym (event was at Summit HS) and another person led us to the other end to a "special" roped off area and we sat 3 rows back. How sweet it is! I suppose we were chosen because of our age or something - demographics - but, hey - it was cool. After the student body president and a local state senator, Ben Westlund (neat guy) spoke, Myrlie Evers Williams came out. What a really impressive lady she is. Medger Evers' widow, but a civil rights leader in her own right. And, at 75 years young, she is amazing. She introduced the man - Barack Obama! My old camera didn't do him justice, but it was pretty nice to get close enough to get photos. In this one, I am sure that he is looking directly at me........
He spoke for quite a while, then took questions, which was pretty neat. There were good questions from the audience and he gave very complete answers. As he left, he went around the perimeter shaking hands. I wasn't able to push my way up to the front, but I enjoyed checking out the crowd reaction. When he was close enough, I tried the flash - I like the effect. About this time, my batteries said bye-bye. Then he looked right at me, but no more photos!
So, that was pretty much the day. We went to Parrilla Grill for fish tacos - the best around - and did a wee bit of shopping. A long day - I'm ready for a nap!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that I haven't stopped by your blog for so long. I've been amazingly busy here at PCC working with an astoundingly intelligent and determined group of young Vietnamese women. The "Spring Semester All Stars" as I named them are a true blessing, as I have to really keep on my toes to teach them. LOL This is the first time that I've had a class comprised of a single nationality and as much as I've enjoyed the diverse group of students that I usually have, this gang has proven itself capable of covering vast amounts of territory with an astounding speed. I'm a very happy camper.

How wonderful that you had the opportunity to see our future president! When I first heard him give the keynote address at the Democratic convention I immediately knew that he had a great future in public office. He's definitely the right man to lead us out of this God awful mess that W. and his cretinous and fear mongering cronies have gotten us into. I know that I've promised to write to you before, but I actually will as soon as I get a breather between semesters. Record heat here in PDX now, yeech! Take care you two-Sam

Denise said...

That is so cool that you saw Obama!
What was one of your favorite things that he said?