Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Election Night - Crooked River Ranch Style

So, we went to the Big Dog Saloon for the big election night party. Whoop whoop! It was really crowded - for the Big Dog, which has a capacity of somewhere around 20-25. It was too chilly and windy to sit out on the patio like we had planned, so we crowded around indoors. Here are a few of the happy people just before the returns started coming in. Ross brought in his guitar and collection of harmonicas and a couple of other guys happened to have their guitar/harmonica with them, so there was an impromptu jam in the corner. We drank our beer and listened to music. What better way to spend election night?
Gloria, our chief Obama organizer, and a couple of friends talking over the results.
The official tally of those in attendance. And we all got along - how about that!
There were some races that I wasn't happy with the results, but quite a few went like I wanted. Sam Adams and Kate Brown, for example. Our local school bond passes - that is good because they need another high school - the current Redmond HS was built for 1200 and has over 2000 students crowding the hallways. Y'all know how I feel about schools...........
The weather today is quite blustery again - not nice to work outside, but I helped Dean cut some firewood that Bill had brought to us last weekend. He (Bill) has been working in the valley again and comes home with surprises once in a while. Thanks, Bill!

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