Thursday, March 27, 2008

OK - OK - I know it's been a while......

It snowed! We woke up Tuesday morning with a light dusting, but I didn't take a photo. Yesterday was "town day" and the weather ranged from sunny and cool to a blizzard. We got our chores finished and headed home and WE had a blizzard! The wind was blowing very hard and the snow really came down for a while. This photo doesn't capture it very well, but you get the idea. Most of it is gone now, of course.Easter weekend was spent with Jim, Janet, Denise, Greg, and Jim's brother, Mike. Had a fantastic dinner and great company. After the big meal, the guys did the guy thing and watched TV while us girls did the girl thing and talked and laughed. I will post the group photo later, but here is some of the decor.

Denise and I chatted online for a bit this morning - she introduced me to a new networking site all about books. A great site for us bibliophiles. Now, if I could only catch up on my pile of books!

So, lets talk about Idol - what is the matter with people? I'm not about to spend a buck to vote, so I guess I can't complain, but Simon sure had it right when he referred to it as a popularity contest, didn't he? I'm tired of Paula liking EVERYBODY no matter how bad they sound. As far as talent goes, David C and Carly have my vote (ahem...) and I was sorry to see Chikezie go based on a bad night and not on his overall performance. Kristy, even though you're from Oregon, you have outlived your time on the show. Let's say bye bye next week.

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