Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The tile and the Oscars........

It was ladies night out at Margie's beautiful log home. A dozen of us gathered to watch the Oscars and eat and chat and drink a wee bit, too! A good time certainly was had by all. Thanks, Margie!
The main course was a salad bar. Wonderful idea with everyone bringing something to add. We also had some nice warm bread. Some of the men gathered next door and had pizza and beer. And watched a movie. I think the women won this one!
Dean's bug project for the week was installing the tile back splash in the kitchen. Finally! I take most of the blame for the lateness of this project - trying to decide on the tile and the design - well, you know how I am at making decisions! This is the "action shot".
And this is the finished product! Looks pretty good, I think!
I don't want to re-hang the curtains and hide all the beautiful handiwork. The next project will be putting the glass inserts in the cupboard doors........... I've gotten used to not opening them to get something out, so it probably won't be clear glass or I might put my hand through it!


Hahn at Home said...

I want one of those Dean things who can do all of that magical work. Where can I get one?

Erin Kaiser said...

Gorgeous work Dean!! I absolutely love the tile work! I miss my old kitchen back in Battle Ground...I had tile counter tops and back splash. :( This is by far way more beautiful than what we had. I do so LOVE it! :)