Monday, November 10, 2008

Yes, I know........'s been a while. I have been incredibly busy with a number of things and I am pretty focused when I get involved in a project, so some things had to take a back seat and this was one of them.
I have just returned home from an amazing weekend which was very emotional, and I am absolutely wiped out and sick, but after watching Keith Olbermann tonight, I had to make a post. The Special Comment tonight really got to the heart of the California Prop 8 issue. (I tried to link it, but it didn't work - go to:
I was fortunate to witness the baptism of twins on Sunday morning. Their parents are a lesbian couple who are amazing parents. The twins' big sister was so proud! It brought tears to my eyes to watch this family and know that they cannot be a legal family, yet they are more a real family than many legally recognized ones. Please, watch the Olbermann segment. Then, REALLY think about what he said.
Thank you.
When I feel like sitting at the computer for an extended length of time, I will update with photos. Really, I will.

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